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Yeah i be on my pop shit girl
But let me see ya pop it girl
Bust it open for me
Workers comp back broken after me
First ill eat it up like food
Then ill beat it up like boom boom boom
Just tell me how ya like it
Do it out in public it don't really matter
Cuz imma make you fall in love
When i beat it up
Baby im the best cant nobody do it better

Have you undercover like my names james bond
Girl imma give it to ya till its all gone
Do it with your face in the pillow
While we banging to this instrumental like
Up up up up up
Up up up up up
Im finna have you running from this d
Like a crook running from the police
When you're caught you can blame it on me
Cuz i beat it up honestly
And i tamed the kitty yeah
Baby im the best cant nobody do it better

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