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Zuul Fx

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We go our way, we change throughout ouy lives
We fall down, get back up, make some choices
We learn from our mistakes, think we've seen and got it all
We go our way like a fucking bastard
Make some choices and get tougher
Before we realize how bad we all are

Don't have the choice, showing off glorifies crime

You say... fuck off!!!
If you didn't ask for birth
If you can lead your life... you know!
What did you say? fuck off
If you have preconception
And if you feel just like a number...

You say!? fuck off!!!
And ifyou feel that
And if you know that mother fucking man..
What did you say???
Fuck off!!!

Losing and drowning are not sad things
Only if you don't want to learn and stay put
We want to stay positive but we are... what we are
Under pressure to do what we want to do
Before we realize how much our nature is shit
Waiting to beat the crap out of those who sold me like a fucking dog

Don't have the choice, showing off glorifies crime

Tou say... fuck off!!!

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