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I am batman but you can call me bob
And when i see the boy wonder i say yo rob
I used to wear a cape and do the leotard bit
But now i wear all serious because i don't give a shit
I used to bust my butt all day fighting crime
But now i rock the house when i say my rhyme
I turn the whole damn house into a crazy mob
Because i'm batman but you can call me bob

I'll tell you a little story that happened to me
You see me and robin were cruising down the street
In the batmobile with the lights turned low
A six pack on ice so we were ready to go
The batbox blastin out our old theme song and robin kept on passin me a serious bong
I took a couple of hits the next thing i know
This cop pulls me over to the side of the road
He said, yo what's yer name boy. god damn you look like a slob!
I said, i'm batman but you can call me bob.

I turned to robin and i said its getting late
I got to find myself a woman before i hallucinate
We found this little place so we went inside
They carded robin at the door they asked his age and he lied
I went up to the bar and ordered myself a jack
That's when i felt this tappin on the back of my back
I turned around and dropped my drink there was this girl in a mink
She was the most beautiful girl i've ever see i think
I turned to robin and i said yo this is rob
My name is batman but you can call me bob

I promised to behave so we went back to my cave
She took one look at my place and she started to rave
She gave me a kiss and said i'll be right back
I'm gonna take off some clothes so that we can relax
She left the room for a minute so i threw on some tunes
I opened up the skylight so we could look at the moon
But when she came back in she had a whip in her hand
It turns out she was the black leotarded catwoman
She started chasing me around sayin she wanted me dead
I grabbed my batarang and hit her right in the head
She went out like a light i said oh man what a night
I took her to the station and they locked her up tight
The sergeant said son you did a real fine jog
I said i'm batman but you can call me bob

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