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Lucy Woodward

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I might not never be your first mistake,
What's a girl to do if there's a risk to take?
I'm never gonna let this moment pass me by.
I might not never make you say my name.
There's no need to put me in your picture frame.
I'm not gonna be the girl you met last night.
Yeah, yeah

Baby, bring it on,
Who cares about the morning after?
My beautiful disaster
Wasting little time on me
So tell me how you feel,
Now you're getting what you're after
My beautiful disaster
Lying right next to me

I might not never come and crash your gig,
I don't care where, what, when and who you did,
I'm never gonna smile when i scream your call.
I might never let you kiss my girlfriend.
You might never hear this song
I might never know what i've got until it's gone


Everybody's trying to live their life
Get a little on a friday night
Just come on and show me
And you know the deal is the last call,
C'mon baby let's get out of here tonight
And i know you can show me.
Oh yeah


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