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Verse 1:
She's the summer time heat even colder than the russian winter
The things i would do just to get with her
Them blue eyes with the dark shade in the center
A captivating view kinda like massarosa itala
Am telling ya
I will cater to all her needs,girl i will take ya
To a sensual place much greater
Than one you've ever been x2

Beautiful doll
I want you in my world
Because i find you captivating
And i don't want to stand here waiting
There's no one else replacing
The feelings i get when i see you

Verse 2:
Them gold logs of hair
Shine so bright when i draw on near
A world of cares just seem to disappear
When i set eyes on you everything stops but your crystal clear
Words cant seem to express
The feelings i get
When i see your face i cant reject
The need to confess
How i obsess
About your gorgeous smile in excess

Break down:
When it comes to you there's no nexts
Because your vibe is oh so electric
She got me drawn , she got a hold on me
And i cant seem to let it go