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Dar Williams

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Date de parution : 01/01/2005

Durée : 0:03:1

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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I saw your flag, another star, another stripe
What's your new bag? something real or just some hype?
Tell me what have you sown
Have you prospered and grown?

Why shouldn't you have
Your moments of genius?
Just because our alliance broke
With no civil words between us?

Oh, my beautiful enemy, beautiful
I send my scorn and ridicule
You're not innocent
No, not innocent, no one's innocent

My nation's grand
Your name's not on any signs
It's so well-planned
And well groomed and yet sometimes

The past tornadoes through, people talk about you
Can't they see that your rein is steely and torturous?
I start thinking that i am sinking
Inside a hollow fortress

Oh, my enemy, beautiful enemy
My stride is slowed by memory
But not innocence, no not innocent
No one's innocent

In my furies i've dreamed
That juries denounce you
There i stand with the upper hand
But in order to trounce you

I just keep getting above myself
I just keep getting above myself
And so i'm worried but as i've stated
Things can be complicated

But you're my enemy
You're my enemy
You're my enemy

The future's bright
There are new things we will love
It feels so right
Let's not make up or rise above

Yes, we are more corrupted but happy and productive
We'll both live in our worlds of civilized people
Though i've heard that my brand new church
Has a slightly higher steeple

Oh my enemy, beautiful enemy
Hail to your vast hegemony
You're not innocent, i'm not innocent
No one's innocent

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