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Lee Dewyze

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Everybody wants to
Look into the mirror
Feel a little better now

And everybody wants to
Know there's someone out there
Waiting for you to come around

Well maybe
You can't see it
Cause you don't choose to believe it
And i know that
You can't see it that way
That way

You know that i never gonna stop stop stop your love
Let's pretend that the world is waking up
Everything that you know will be beautiful
Like you
Can be beautiful like you

Everybody wants to
Tell someone their secrets
Why don't you tell me now

Well maybe i can fix this
Cause i don't want
You to miss this
And i saw this
Raining down

If you could only just stop stop stop running
If you could only take a second to breath it in
Everything that you know would be beautiful

Can be beautiful like you
Can be beautiful
Can be beautiful
Can be beautiful like you
Oh like, like you
Can be beautiful

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