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Citizen King

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From the rollin' hills to the rivers delta
We'll use the highway sings to help find our way
We'll drive thru trees ride waves of grain
While the surplus and the ration keeps prices sane
From a sky so blue to a powerline zoo
We got people places things that are there to help you
We'll have hopes + dreams opportunities
And with this brain and brawn we'll go into the ring

(mixed up world, got a beautiful machine)

From the ring of the bell to the wishing well
We'll pass the railroad tracks as the clouds change shape
We'll hear the sirens sing of opportunity
While someone dries their clothes on the fire escape
From the scream of the stream in a neon dream
We'll cross a golden bridge that only goes one way
We'll drive too fast in a rusted land
And flip the switch to light a fire to last

(mixed up world, got a beautiful machine)

Lured by the light, burned by the flame
Lured by the light, burned by the flame

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