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Hmm, let's see - couple cyphers, couple features knocked down
Nah, i ain't got no chill

(verse 1)
It's a beautiful murder, go and let the murder start
Lights out in the booth, you know that i prefer the dark
Oh, you a soldier? then you about to earn the purple heart
Hit you with a couple of slugs, call it a work of art
Beautiful murder - i'm killin' you trap rappers and you backpackers
It's a funeral, you know what i do to whack rappers
And you house niggas, comin' around me tryin' to act black
Well, be who you are, a black cracker
It's ironic that some of my niggas is white, we niggas for life
Nigga we icons, bigger than life, nigga we pipe bombs
Blowin' up whoever pick up the mic
Lettin' that hot fire kiss 'em goodnight, nigga i'm dylan
Beautiful murder - i'm usin' the words to abuse 'em and serve 'em
It's a fusion, a musical merger
Bruise 'em and hurt 'em, confuse 'em, think i'm usin' a burner
The music is shootin' your sternum, that's confusin' 'em further
Accuse me of murder, i'm guilty as charged because i play hard
Walk in your label and hit your a&r with the ar
Fifteen split spleens, that's for pissin' on lyricism, that's for pissin' on big dreams
Why am i so angry with it?
You don't know shit about rap, you niggas can't be critics
9 millimeter paintbrush your brains then get it
Blow a portrait on the wall, look like banksy did it
Beautiful murder - chop a rapper's wig in the booth
You pull up missin' your roof, but i ain't mention the coupe
I mean your head blown off, body missin' it's roof
I'm the illest nigga, this is the proof
Shit on your group like a pitcher with diarrhea
They twitchin' when i appear, in fear that i'm itchin' to fire
If he say he didn't get his style from me, he's a son of a bitch and a liar
Causehe know this nigga's the pioneer
Beautiful murder - this shit is so melodic
The kinda shit that you listen to while you hittin' on some chronic
Ya talkin' detox, i'm still mad about me not gettin' on the chronic
I guess niggas they didn't know that i'm it, the best on the coast for years
Even though y'all niggas closed your ears, i'm still here perseverin'
The industry made ghost to most my peers, while i fly over the coast in leers
Toast and cheers, but fuck celebrations, i sell abrasions, contusions
Transfusions needed, you're bloods oozin', you're losin' your vital signs
Homicidal rhymes got my rivals dyin' by the time i spit my final line
It'll be beautiful, beautiful
Like an italian silk tie, but not from barneys, they ain't suitable
For the circle of bosses, no squares in my office, not even a cubicle
I'm back killin' shit as usual, hope i ain't losin' you

No chill, from now on call me no chill
Ssutt 2 times - cob, what up my cob
Slaughterhouse nigga
Cob, niggas act like they don't know
What y'all niggas don't know?
Aight, i'mma just keep hittin' you motherfuckers until you find out
Ain't fucking with me, no chill my nigga

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