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Cole Powell

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Date de parution : 11/10/2011

Durée : 0:02:58

Style : Alternative

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Diamond rings and new hairstyle
How are you? its been a while
A new man down a brand new aisle
And i hate it

A new life at a brand new pace
A fancy car, and a fine new place
Your worlds symmetrical like your face
And thats over rated

You got what you wanted
And i dont need it
You know where youre going
So, somehow
Youre beautiful now

Designer clothes, new attitude
Designer nose, and high-heel shoes
Power, prestige, and subterfuge
And its addictive

You lost twelve pounds of mostly skin
Youre rolling high; you always win
Lost in your blanket of sin
Just like i predicted

I know where youre going
And i dont need it
It feels like you own the world somehow
Youre beautiful now

Over-dressed, re-dressed, no dress, undressed
Blue jeans, one ring, confessed
No make up, wake up breaking up inside
Dont lie; ive seen you cry
Cause you lost youre car in a parking lot
You didnt know where to begin
The worst part of this story
You were beautiful then

You're beautiful now
You're beautiful now
You're beautiful now

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