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Jhene Aiko

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I remember
Like lightning to the heart, i saw things clearer
The day you came inside, i felt brand new
So what am i to do now?
Well you don't have to say it
Cuz i can read your mind
You do not have to stay here
If you don't have the time
And if you muust go, just know i gave you my whole world
Trusted & loved you, must've been cuz i'm a crazy girl
Yeah you really took things too far...
And there are some things that you should know

My mama was a gypsy
My daddy was a rollin' stone
I wonder did he miss me.... cuz he was never home
So i thought you would, i thought you could be the one
I never really knew love
So i thought you would, i thought you could be the one
But you already knew love
From a beautiful woman & your beautiful child
Left me in beautiful ruins, instead of pullin' me out
So i think i should, i think i'll just walk away
From the beautiful moments we made
From the beautiful ruins you made here
What a beautiful woman you've made of me

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