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I saw you walking in the mall
Strolling down by the market stall
Window to window on a shopping spree
Chasing an identity
But it takes more than a name on a shirt
A sign on a shoe or a shape in a skirt
There you are in the line credit card in your hand
Fighting to be in fashion

On the radio, on the billboard, in the commercial,
All the time,
They tellin' the lie, we are what we buy
In the paper, on the poster, in the magazine,
All the time, they tellin' the lie so please remember

You are more than you consume
Much more than you presume
More than others might assume
Beautiful soul
You are more than you expect
Far more than you project
More than others accept and reject
Beautiful soul
You are more than you could say
More than you could ever claim
More than the games we play

Beautiful soul
You are more than what you buy
Far more than meets the eye
So why even bother to try
Beautiful soul

I saw you sitting in front the t.v.
You say there's nothing else to do or see
And deep deep deep in the jungle of the night
The big screens are burning bright
Bright as the signs that light our streets
That crowd our minds that guide our feet
Where there's a million brands on the shelves
But we still can't find ourselves

They whisper in your ears, play your fears,
Summon smiles, conjure tears,
But you're still the image of the most high
No matter how you look in their eyes
So don't let them seduce you
Don't let them reduce you
Don't let them define you
Never let them refine you
Don't let them berate you
Never recreate you
Don't let them deride you
Never let them inside you...

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