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Kyle Bent

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1 verse : girl every time i see you got my mind racing,
Usually throw the change but for now i'm dime chasing,
Time raping cause im waiting
For you to try to make up for this time wasted,
No makeup just a fine lady, and maybe
You can forgive me for the lies baby,
Hope i aint just another guy in your eyes baby,
We all different, none of us are the same,
So that fairytale you heard, please get it out of your brain,
Before i blow your mind, ooh,
Let me remind, you,
Let me work your body ,ill never have to resign boo,
Know your every curve girl like i was who designed you,
With your shades on so the love can never blind you,
You blind me though, cause your the one girl, times 2,
Your like rapunzel and im just tryna climb you,
So let your hair down, and let your beauty show,
And let them girls know ,uh, that your beautiful,
Uh, that your beautiful- ful-beautiful that your beatiful-ful beautiful

Chorus : girl your so (beautiful)4x
Girl let them know that your (beautiful) 4x
Girl (let em know)2x
Girl (let em know)2x
Girl let em know

2 verse : you hotter than the devil, but you my little angel,
You always been acute girl, and i aint talking angles,
But dang you so right, oh man you looking nice,
Girl you got to be the one i dont have to be looking twice,
Got my mind in a rush like morning traffic,
Acting like you the baddest, you overdoing the average,
You more than cruel you's a savage,
You killing them where's the casket
Im asking if i could have it,
Im asking if we could kick it shawty like a bad habit and,
Your presence is where imma be inhabiting,
Them lames mad cause you and them just aint happening,
And guess that shawty just for me,
And she obviously ain't for you, if that money is all you see,
Cause there's so much more to her,
If all you see is a figure
And she can figure me out cause shawty got the formula ,awh,
She got me in a daze everyday ,
Anyway what can i say your beautiful in anyway,
(hey)3x anyway (hey)3x

Chorus : girl your so (beautiful)4x
Girl let them know that your (beautiful) 4x
Girl (let em know)2x
Girl (let em know)2x
Girl let em know

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