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Verse 1
It's beautiful
What this life will do to you
When she says shes through with you
The pain is so beautiful
I hear my cousin getting big we used to be a team
But i love you like my brother i put that on everything
Life is way more than the things you see
The world to see the good in all the bad that's my dream
Mama i wanna get you your dream house
Cuz you're the only one who knows how bad i want my dreams now
And you did what ever it took to allow me to shine
Bought me my first studio and watched me laying my rhymes
The game is for the taking and i'm saying it's mine
I just hope that i make it in time
High school was a hard one but i right my wrongs
Let the pain out on the mic when i write my songs
Started from the bottom so it's taking twice as long
With god in my life i'm twice as strong

Even when this life knocks me down i get up
I keep on going even when i've had enough
Life is hard but pain is love
Life is still beautiful
It's so beautiful

Verse 2
Do you ever think about ending it?
You should stick around and start living it
Life is beautiful and were all just tryna survive
The greatest feeling is just being alive
Friendships gone but man life goes on
Life is too short to be worrying bout who's right or wrong
I got family that don't speak to me
And it hurts man it's been eating me
Life is full of painful lessons
But it's teaching me
Nobody's perfect and you'll never get close
Looking for a perfect life it's right under your nose
I have to live with all the choices i chose
Ain't nobody like me head down to my toes
I'm just tryna figure out what my purpose is
But life is as perfect as perfect gets
Life is measured by how you handle what it puts you through
No matter what happens this life is still beautiful


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