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Written by yahaloma

Ohhh yeah

I want to share something so beautiful to me
The smile of a child the embrace of a loved one
When mother hugs you and when your father really loves you
And all the in between

It's beautiful
It's beautiful so beautiful (repeat)

The rain when it falls in the time of a drought
The food that we eat when there's no money do be found
Clothes that i wear, even hand me downs
I tell you i'm grateful for it all
Even the times of spring fall winter summer
His creation is so beautiful right there in front of you
I tell you i love it all
Just want to share it with you it's so beautiful


Even the times of pain
When i feel empty inside
Even the times of strife
It gives the will to survive
Oh even the times of sorrow
Will i pull through tomorrow
I tell ya i tell ya i tell ya i tell ya
It's beautiful


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