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Date de parution : 28/03/2006

Durée : 0:01:32

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Standing at the bus stop
I heard a voice behind me saying, "hi, baby"
Ohh, i just fell all apart inside
Because i hadn't heard that voice in such a long time
I turned around

That's right y'all, y'all shoulda seen what i did
So, so pretty, so pretty, y'all hear how she sounds right?
She sounds crazy right? yes
This what happened at the bus stop

She turned around and this grown lady said, "hi"
I was quite stunned from the way she replied
Peace, nice to meet ya, sweetie call me tony starks
Ghost if you like ta, mind if invite ya
Over for some red wine, nice barry white

She pulled out a cigarette, hon', here's a lighter
Her voice was a slow jam, full length white mink
Hella fine with a beauty mark on her right cheek
When she spoke her smoke floated when it left her throat
Spelled honey when she blew it out it turned to water word
I was infatuated

She put the perfume to her neck and sprayed it
Plus the bottle was nickel plated
It make a young girl steez, yo, feel outdated
And know the married chicks shopping with they man's hated
One stone on her finger was green, maybeline
Cover girl lipstick, plump color fingertips
Revlon face blush, oh-five-six, shit

The ashes was hangin off her stog' so she flicked it
Damn, had to bundle up, i call goosebumps
Plus the wind chill factor had dropped, here the bus come
I never rush one, here take my number miss
I live alone, her face fell when i dropped the chrome
Damn, can i have your number?

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