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The Damned

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Date de parution : 25/03/2014

Durée : 0:04:44

Style : Punk

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Flickering, the shadows fall across my eyes
Across the walls
Time engulfs me once more
I'm in the place and i'm enthralled
This mists that creep, the hound that howls
The lightning illuminates the towers

Is it only i can see
The beauty of the beast?
(your magic never ceased)

With quickening pulse what lies behind the door
A curious step retreats once more
The creature with a darkened soul
A story of the damned unfolds
Bela, boris, basil, lon, lorre, vincent, now all gone
Looming pallid on the screen

The beauty of the beast
Your magic never ceased

And now though a curtain has been drawn
You go on forever as before...

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