Paroles de Because of you

Herbert Grönemeyer

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Date de parution : 05/10/2012

Durée : 0:03:54

Style : Pop

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Across my heart
There is a memory,
Even in the dark
It is blinding me.
There's nothing i can feel,
And it's so unreal
Because of you.
When the dragonflies
Bring the summer strong,
And with all its light
Makes my heart so raw
It's a lost affair.
Now that you're not there
Because of you,
All the small talk hurts,
And the voices drow, n
My thoughts in emtpy words,
They just kick me down.
And i miss your face
Life's lost all its grace,
Because of you
Because of you
Life is just an empty space.
I lie awake at night,
No rescue in sight.

But all the lines are dead
Loving words you said.
Are running through my head
Bittersweet souvenirs
Are all that's left.
No other eyes shine,
So pure and bright,
And without a smile
It all fades to white.
Now the telephone,
Leaves me on my own,
Because of you
Because of you
All the dreams
Have overflown
All is said and gone,
Because of you.
Across my heart,
There is a memory
Even in the dark
It is blinding me.
And the flame you freed,
Is always with me.
Because of you
Because of you
And the tender flame you free,
Is always with me
Because of you.

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