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Chris Knight

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Let the beer bottle
Rattle on my pistol
On the seat of my chevy pick up truck
And i'm taking these gravel roads
As fast as my truck will go
I'm running like a scared white tail buck

It was a long night card game
With earl ray and bobby
And some ol boy they worked with from adair
That boy didnt like me
Then he said i was cheatin
Gun shots rang out on the midnight air

I dont wanna see the day light
But my becky's alone tonight
I wonder if shes waiting up for me

I'm gonna hide out in the bottom
Where i hunted deer and turkey
I know that swamp like the back of my hand
Hell i was born and raised here
Just wanted to be a good ol boy
Never thought i'd ever be a wanted man

But soon they gonna catch me
Aint no way around that
Cause i dont know any other place to hide
I wonder if becky's bible is still in the glove box
Cause i'm sure gonna need it if that boy died

I dont wanna see the daylight
But my beckys alone tonight
I wonder if she's waiting up for me

Sometime tomorrow morning
When i ought to be fishing
They'll probably be hauling me in
I'll be sittin in the jail house
No need to be wishing
I'll ever get to fish the green river again

I"ll be prayin for some daylight
Cause my becky's alone tonite
I wonder if she's waiting up for me.

I wonder if shes waiting up for me.

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