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Aaron Simon Gross

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*line not sung
Evan: *my name is evan goldman i live at 224 west ninety 2nd
Street in the heart of manhattan and my life just when to hell
Evan: picture me just another cool kid in nyc near the park and met life is sweet yankees in the bronx, pretzels on the street just have good can it get? who'd have guessed dad would meet a stewardess moms depressed and her lawyers are mean now i'm stressed life is a disaster and i'm cracking from the strain going totally insane and i'm just about to turn just about to turn god i'm gonna turn
Everyone: 13
Evan: everything switches
Everything turns around
End up in stitches
Hide away underground
Can i get through it?
Life has changed over night
How will i do it? nothing is going right
Everyone: the best and the worest and the most and the least and the crazy and the scarry and were the standing on the edge
Evan: *you wanna talk about turning i've got hair growing in places i didnt know were places plus my parents are splitting up plus plus i have to have my bar mitzvah the one event that defines you the jewish superbowl
Evan: 12 yrs old everything that used to be good as gold starts to crumble and crack
Evan, richie, simon: pressure mounts once it was a joke now it really counts and there's no turning back
Evan,richie, simon, cassie, and charolette: life goes wrong
Simon: suddenly their yelling cause your hairs too long
Cassie: or your room isn't clean
All 5: roll a long
Evan: every conversation is another lost cause or a list of flaws and i'm just about to turn just to turn god i'm gonna turn
Everyone: 13
Richie: i want a dirtbike
Lucy: i wanna kill my ma
Eddie: i want a mustache
Cassie: i want a wonder bra
Can i get through it?
All of the grown-up stuff
How will do it?
When am i old enough
Everyone: why is the world feeling suddenly stranger?
Why are my friends acting totally weird?
Why do i feel like my life is in danger?
Why do i feel like my brain dissapeared?
Molly: how will i get through a year of spanish?
Simon: how can i not look dumb track?
Brett: how do i gain 20 pounds by friday?
Malcom: how do i make my voice not crack?
Everyone: i wanna fly wanna run wanna drive wanna get rich wanna get drunk wanna get out wanna get my braces off wanna get my nose pierced wanna grow my hair long but all i keep hearing is

No you're not ready
No it's not time yet
No it's not right now
Wait until you're older

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