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Jesca Hoop

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Date de parution : 27/07/2010

Durée : 0:03:35

Style : Alternative

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My light
Is hard as fuck
And just is as about to freeze your wand
You're waiting on the mail to get a letter
From me and myself
A separation at the ancient bell
She calls you up every night from a bed across the sea

What's that?
All we have
The touch of fingers
And i love
I would so much
And bite your
Lips to kiss me now
And i can taste you as i read your words out loud

Your eyes
Start your day with toast and black tea
While i'm in the still of night and pushin' back
Am i right?
Do the hands of the clock fall upon three?
And drop me in your virtual garden for real earth
And seasons

All we have
The touch of our fingers
I love
I would so much
And ride
Your hands
Between my legs
And i can feel you through it
Jump from the pain

The sky is bruised
It's lost at dusk
With lovers' rouge
What will stop
And ask
Under you
Under dreams spelled us
And it's true
And i know that i must
And will you
I mean it, the trust
And it's so
That i fell at first blush

(and it's right
And it's ready here)


Just now
Your letter came
With pages that say the flight from yours to mine is january 8th
And just now
I found that i can just barely breathe
And from now until that time
I am counting down the days
Once i
All we have
The touch of your fingers
I love
I would so much
And wrap yourself inside me now
I can feel you
Pulling out
And what's that
All we have
The touch of your fingers
And i love
I would so much
And write your games
Like line by line
And i will stitch them in this heart of mine

(feel... i didn't know... strangling your...)

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