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Jim Stevens

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Date de parution : 08/05/2007

Durée : 0:04:12

Style : Pop

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Ive been feelin
Really feelin while im wearing this frown
I gotta get up, get my life into gear
Gonna make my doing come from being
Rid myself of my fear
And everything is gonna turn out real clear

I know ive left my mind
Now im way inside
Im gonna take a trip right through the twilight
Gonna find what i find, call life my own

Do whatever you do (open up your mind)
Somethings in it for you (dont waste any time)
Do whatever you do, its right inside you
Be what you choose to be (you can do it like me)
Itll set your soul free (before you do, be!)
Do whatever you do, its right inside you

Now im creating, yeah, creating
And that frowns upside down
Since i decided that id better come round
My joys contagious, getting outrageous
Choosing just what i please
Aint gonna hurt no one but i aint no drone

Now i finally see, i am what i be
You wont have fun unless you do whats in your soul
No more bringin me down, im on a roll

Repeat chorus

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