Paroles de Bedroom (interlude)

Donnie Klang

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Date de parution : 26/08/2008

Durée : 0:01:12

Style : Pop

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Phone rings...

(female caller): hello
(male caller): hello who's this
(female caller): is this donnie?
Donnie: yeah who's this?
(female caller): ha ha u remember me? this is caramel
Donnie: yo hold on one second seven this is the girl from last night that i told you about the one that ask me to spank it...hello i'm sorry
Caramel: yeah
Donnie: ha ha ha what's going on? how are you?
Caramel: i'm saying um can i see you tonight?
Donnie: tonight? i mean yeah you wanna come over?
Caramel: can i come over right now?
Donnie: right now? i got some of my boys here but...
Caramel: who's over there with you?
Donnie: these are my boys seven, dareala, jay, renz you know
Caramel: so i mean are they gonna stay there or...?
Donnie: shhh, don't worry about it i know where we can go i'ma take you to my bedroom

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