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Date de parution : 21/08/1990

Durée : 0:02:29

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Beef, what a relief
When will this poisonous product cease?
This is another public service announcement
You can believe it, or you can doubt it

Let us begin now with the cow
The way it gets to your plate and how
The cow doesn't grow fast enough for man
So through his greed he makes a faster plan

He has drugs to make the cow grow quicker
Through the stress the cow gets sicker
Twenty-one different drugs are pumped
Into the cow in one big lump

So just before it dies, it cries
In the slaughterhouse full of germs and flies
Off with the head, they pack it, drain it, and cart it
And there it is, in your local supermarket

Red and bloody, a corpse, neatly packed
And you wonder about heart attacks?
Come on now man let's be for real
You are what you eat is the way i feel

But, the food and drug administration
Will tell you meat is the perfect combination
See cows live under fear and stress
Trying to think what's gonna happen next

Fear and stress can become a part of you
In your cells and blood, this is true
So when the cow is killed, believe it
You preserve those cells, you freeze it

Thaw it out with the blood and season it
Then you sit down and begin eatin' it
In your body, it's structure becomes your structure
All the fear and stress of another

Any drug is addictive by any name
Even drugs in meat, they are the same
The fda has america strung out
On drugs in beef no doubt

So if you think that what i say is a bunch of crock
Tell yourself you're gonna try and stop
Eatin meat and you'll see you can't compete
It's the number one drug on the street

Not crack, cause that was made for just black
But brown beef, for all american teeth
Life brings life and death brings death
Keep on eatin' the dead and what's left

Absolute disease and negative
Read the book 'how to eat to live'
By elijah muhammad, it's a brown paperback
For anybody, either white or black

See how many cows must be pumped up fatter
How many rats gotta fall in the batter
How many chickens that eat shit you eat
How much high blood pressure you get from pig feet

See you'll consume, the fda could care less
They'll sell you donkey meat and say it's
Fresh! for nineteen-ninety, you suckers

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