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T-pain and lil wayne:

What up girl?
Say wayne?
What up dawg?
Holla at dat
I see ya x5


Excuse me shawty,
Lately i've been tryin to stop lyin
But i'd be lyin if i said
That i wasnt blinded by that ass girl,
And i would go to hell as well if i said
It didnt smell like victoria's secret when you pass girl,
And that plaid skirt you got on,
Lets a nigga know that you just might have some class girl,
So you gotta have you some brain
And with all due respect then you gotta pass it to pain,
Uh you gotta pass it to wayne and then wayne pass ya over
And then he pass ya to mack maine.
Or i could take you solo for dolo,
Have u gettin out of the lamborghini in slow-mo,
But i aint tryin to butter you up,
Im tryin to fuck you in the kitchen
Let me butter you up,
Wheres my manners,
Which one you like, butter or syrup?
Let me show you what your mrs butter is worth.

T-wayne(t-pain and lil wayne):

Oh what it is,
We dont act stupid,
Come on now lets do it,
Got the waist of a wasp and the ass of a horse,
She already know what it is,
Baby you so perfect,
So i know im bout to murk it,
Got the waist of a wasp and the ass of a horse,
She already know what it is.

Lil wayne:

Uhm, shawty wanna real nigga,
Construction has weezy ima build with her,
She'll be my meal after i have a meal with her,
Then i deal wit her.
Now, wont you shake like a dog,
Jump like a frog,
Ride it like a horse,
Scream and holla till you lose ya voice.
Promise i know how to love,
What to do with ya heart,
Shawty you so much of a target,
I hit you with a dart,
Oh bulls eye baby,
Mmm my favorite,
Can i stick my finger in your apple pie baby,
I know everybody wanna piece of the pie,
But you know that they aint greedy as i,
Now wont you do it like i told ya,
Send a pic or download it,
Cuz i promise in my sidekick you got your own folder,
If you keep fuckin with me,
You gonna get ya on the show,
But first put ya legs on my shoulders.


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