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Blood in my bath, flesh in my tub
Blood in my bath, flesh in my tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuub!!
Blood in my bath, flesh in my tub diggin in the lot
Repeat 4x
(verse one)
I could they sleeve teenage of bloodshed
A girl like a wich you mother****** and oh red
Back to the hero, tero
And my killer
I don't might tright do not christ bang bang
What, hall, and the garden
And the deadman 'n' the hooction
No more hall of ghosts in my law
(verse two)
And the time to the witness, and creeping god
With they off f*** you guy is ever with a died
Dead and the what, don't forget saw and the law
(verse three)
Studio, over the coff for and the stay
All not the tay!!
And the brother, and budder, seeming alive give all presents, or law n**** swear
And monsters
And hole in the crunk you better him the crear
Nobody help!!
You can't in the living
Because to nightmare, nobody help
Nobody help, be a christ of prizza
Nobody help for that, baby bob
Over life through the heart show blood along
And the christ day and day along, and the hooction , nobody help ya
'hand' n the rock and rock bit word, nobody help!!

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