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Garth Brooks

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B double, e double r u n

Twenty-five minutes past quiting time
Seven of us crammed into that truck of mine
Payin' no attention to them highway signs
(ninety mile an hour toward the county line)

Oh, quick sack, twelve pack, back again
It's a b double, e double r u n

My buddies and their babies lettin' down their hair
(as long as we're together it don't matter where)
Ain't got a lot of money but we just don't care
Knowin' that the fun is in the gettin' there

Aztec, long necks, paycheck spent
Oh, it's a b double, e double r u n

Oh, i can't stop thinkin' what the hell they were drinkin'
When they made this county dry
I got a week long thirst and to make it worse
Lord, it's my turn to drive

Oh, laughin' and a braggin' and a carryin' on
(we loaded up the wagons and we're headin' home)
I guess, half a dozen cases doesn't last that long
Come tomorrow mornin' it'll be all gone

And it's turn around, leave town, sounds again
Like a b double, e double r u n
Like a b double, e double r u n

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