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We can't live with the sadness, can't feed the madness
That spirals out of control
Don't run from your feelings, fear is disappearing
I no longer feel so cold
Tonight is the night that we call off the fight
And bring together what's withdrawn
Now i know my dear one, that when it's all said and done
Our life is darkest before dawn

When all the light is died away
And we don't know when the day
Will make its way back around
All the times we try to fly
But all the tears that we cry
Still keep us rooted in the ground
But never fear, for what is near
Is what we will stand upon
For the night is always
Darkest before dawn.

Blurring sense and stupidity into one
Is what the world has in mind
But giving in to the force we have run from
Is something that comes with time.
There's no turning back for a silent attack
When the battle lines have been drawn.
But comfort is found so easily
That the night is always darkest before dawn.

Oh lost in a dream
In an endless stream of consciousness
We're breaking down
Breaking out
Breaking out

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