Paroles de Before the fall

Asylum Xiii

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Trapped within a web of lies
The spider dancing dancing
Cyandide smiles the devil's wiles
This woman slowly entrancing

Watch the prey it gathers dust
It screams an unknown sound
Graven images and holy light
Distorting the bloodstains on the ground

Lying on a bed of lies
You watch the savior fall
Life you lived so in vain
And left before the fall

In the dark of the day
Within the dead of night
Your high it seems to last forever
Your freedom burning bright

Where memories slowly linger
You travel the roadway to sorrow
If jesus were to walk today
The father would die tomorrow


Upon the altar of lust
Upon the altar of sin
The spikes that cleanse the soul
They let the devil in

Seeing the smoke rise before you
The blood upon your lips
Taste the bittersweet love
Taste the spiders kiss

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