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John Michael

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Before this drink is done i
Just gotta let u know that i
Aint drunk so dont u take these words light
Everything i say is heartfelt
U might wanna pay attention
Did i ever mention
Ur the finest girl and...
Did i ever mention ur the sweetest one i...
Did i ever mention
That i need ur lips...
I know we should be friends but
Can we be more than that tonight
I know that u don't see me like
A lover but i swear your just my type
Never noticed it until tonight

(noel gourdin)
Before this drink is done your
Gonna wanna listen very closely to me
On another level sweet baby
Don't wanna be just friends no more
I know i may be tipsy
But i know what i'm saying
And no i'm not just horny
And i been wanting your body
To be with no one but me
From the peak your hair down
To the arch in your feet

(john & noel)
Let's toast to uson taking that next step
Are we gonna take it there
Tonight, tonight
Lets toast to us on taking that next step
Before this drink is done
Lets decide tonight, tonight