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Lil Wayne

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(lil wayne)
Before you go just let me kiss it one more time
I make you stop right at that door and press rewind
Im probably somewhere up in paris smelling wine
Lets have a ball cause i ball like debutine
And if its a crime theyll lock us up well do our time
Girl we must be flies cause im on your shit and your on mine
But dont even trip cause im on your hip and a gun on mine
And the day i slip will be the day the sun dont shine

(lil wayne)- 2nd verse
Oh oh ok its weezy baby and she appreciates me
I make her stay with me and she even waitin
And before i go she tell me im the best
Then she kiss me on my chest
Then i tell her im impressed
I confess, we obsessed, then we do it on the desk
Then we let the house keeper come and clean up the mess, yes
You never no, then we do it on the floor, then we do it some more, some more before you go

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