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Date de parution : 08/09/2009

Durée : 0:05:01

Style : Alternative

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Everybody got a right to go
Day tripping at a quarter to noon
The bus stops on the mountaintop
And the villagers are playing a traditional tune
Ancient goddess in the form of a truck
She got stuck picking up a liter
The campaign to take to a simpler time
If that will clear your mind

You gotta pay for a factory tour
Lunch break for a week and a half
Its hard enough ???
But the uniform's all good for a laugh
A beggar's fighting for a place and time
Its a symbol and a fact of our time
??? a to z
If you let me in your time machine

Another week and its time to fly
Your back home in the blink of an eye
You day drinking at the chemical tank
In your habitat, if you can call it that
Another year and then you're back again
You're just a freak till you be with your friends
The campaign to take you to a simpler time
And that will clear your mind

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