Paroles de Beguiling

Jackie Tohn

pochette album Beguiling
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Date de parution : 20/03/2009

Durée : 0:02:15

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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And you smile so much that the lines on your face stay in place when you're not even smiling
And you are so in touch with the time and the place of this craze even though it's beguiling

It's beguiling, it's beguiling, it's beguiling

And i will not stear clear of the bad news that's there to compare to the good that i mention,
And it's hard to believe how much wonder can be when i see when i just pay attention

Pay attention, pay attention, pay attention

This one time i was looking around
Picked up a dime off of the ground
By its shine i was spellbound
It crossed my mind that anything can be found, found, found

Velvet letters are better from way far away so you can play while you're way over there,
Or just cases of laces and smiling faces and places like everywhere

And it's everywhere, and it's everywhere, and it's everywhere

And it's everywhere, and it's everywhere

It's everywhere

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