Paroles de Behind with the rent

Mark Knopfler

pochette album Behind with the rent
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Date de parution : 11/09/2007

Durée : 0:04:45

Style : Pop

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This didnt used to be me, old boy
This isnt what id want
Pullin' old night fighters
In a restaurant

Theres smoke and flames behind me
Where the self-respect all went
And im behind, behind with the rent

Ive been stitched up like a kipper, old son
But i wont be again
Hell have no fury
Oh, i'm like a lot of men

Now im stalkin this old doris
With lascivious intent
And im behind, behind with the rent

Just a little duck and dive
And a bit of wheel and deal
Shell remind me im alive
Shell remind me i still feel

Just a little shellin out
For a bit of you-know-what
I know this is all about
Somethin' that i never got, oh

Well, this crumpets past its sell-by-date
But they all would qualify
Theyre gonna be lonely
And be happy to comply

She knows that im a chancer
Comin on like a gent
But im behind, behind with the rent
Yes, im behind, behind with the rent

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