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Liz Ashton

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Lyrics, melody, and singing by liz ashton copyright 2011
Verse 1:
So i see who you are and where you came
So much about you and i the same
But appearances aren't always as they seem
So don't be fooled how i dress, it's not what i mean
Not a day goes passing by
That i don't look to the clouds in the sky
And about you do i think
Think you maybe the missing link
But sometimes i wonder if it's because i'm a dreamer
If i don't dream, my serenity grows too much leaner
Being a dreamer is the only way to survive this crazy world makes finding the shell in the deep, dark sea...inside pearled
Verse 2:
So i was seeing what you're about and it made me cry
It made me think about what i'm missing, i won't lie
So i go on and be grateful for what i have, so i try
But it's you that brings my passion, i can't deny
Repeat chorus:
Being a dreamer is the only way to survive this crazy world, this crazy world, this crazy world
You are missing in the shell, for it's pearled...