Paroles de Bel air blues

Stan Ridgway

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Runnin' down a purple shallow, goin' down somewhere
Goin' down the alleyway, lookin' for a dead dog with a custard pie
I am looking for a dildo in the sky
And if i find it soon, i think i'll call the menendez boys

Think i'll call the menendez boys

Turnin' on the tv setcchypnotic neon queen
Rollin' underwater in a green narcotic dream
Buy a big baseball bat, then call up the rubberman
« in plastic frown, » blow up this town, think i'll call the menendez boys

Chorus repeat x3

Coolin' out at big 51, got a sleepin' bag and a new canteen
Shave my body of every hairccrub me down with amphetamine
Jump back in my railccpunchin' it i got spooked2
Remove tattoos, the bel air bluesccthink i'll call the menendez boys

Chorus repeat

Livin' on a crooked roadcclike a dust bowl refugee
Crawlin' on the freewaycccleanin' my teeth with a barbecue comb
You can call me sam, or you can bark my hole
And you can use my dick for a walkin' pole

« slattery has his wakecca boomer in my stash »
An angle slide in baltimorecctop 40 pederast
Everybody got another 'nother plan
Everybody got another 'nother land
Never never never never never never never!
Never never never!

Chorus repeat x4

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