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Spanish Fly

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Verse: 1
The last time you said, goodbye
I really believed, that it was over..
I cried out my tears, through the nite
I prayed, i'd never hold another
Where did love, take to, back then
I never meant to bring, you pain
It was the man, that you needed in me
Just to be strong, for you baby, and set you free, yeah
Believe in me, and you will see girl
Believe in me, believe in you and me
Believe in me, always my lover
Believe in me, aww baby, just believe....
Verse: 2
I'll never forget, what we shared
Unconditional love, and a family.. yeah
You were always there, just holding on
To that perfect dream, now its just a memory
Lyrics reproduced by: vik sharma

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