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Date de parution : 15/08/2002

Durée : 0:03:24

Style : Pop

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If i could just believe in something
If i could just believe in anything at all
If i could just believe in someone
I'd be happy'

I'd even settle for a false hope
I still believe it's better than no hope at all
Somebody hit me with a pipe dream
And i'd be happy ' i'd be happy

I would run up-hill
Without a single care in the world
Hoping soon that i'd be running down

To something

I'd like to believe that somewhere
Someone is writing all the words i long to hear on
A giant billboard for outside my front door
To make me happy
It would make me happy

I would take a chance
-purely from ignorance
Blissfully thinking soon that i'd be coming home
To something'someone

If i could just believe in anything

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