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Thomas Prime

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In the beginning it was fat blunts, a whole lot of laughs
Pursuit of happiness, so we spent a lot of cash
Grew in company, not even trying to get the ass
Best summer in my life, i wish it could last
But that was the past, baggage chasing me
On both of us, we weathered the storm faithfully
I don’t know where maturity is taking me
My heart been aching me, it feel like lately we been
Growing apart, i wanted to stay the same
Can’t let old age, come in and change the game
Even change your name, acknowledge all my claims
But who put out the flames, they say true love is pain
I’m ignorant to your feelings, you need sexual healing but
I’m numb inside, i can’t figure out the void
So i laid here annoyed, and oi, have i destroyed the only one i trust
There’s only one of us

I ain’t been the same since the day karim died
For seven days and nights i cried, inside
Cause i prophesize, still got love, i feel guilt
But that’s spoilt milk and i’m boyish built
I feel bad when you think i’m mad for no reason
Feel like i’m making a path for you leaving
Cause my attitude’s without gratitude, i ain’t mad at you
I just wish i could afford us a pad or two

See i’m kate black for you, i’m ronald ardley
Cause even if i die, i will always come back for you
I’m the lesser half of you, you the backbone
That keep the tracks warm, proud to be, mrs. antwan
I respect that, i just can’t show it in the ways i want to
So i hope i don’t blow it
That’s the life of a poet, a chess game or stress made
Baby i want to give you less pain

I’ll admit responsibility is a bit much, fatherhood
Being a provider when you fucked up
Want to give my kids everything, you a bigger wedding ring
I’m looking at collections in cut-off notices
The reason i’m exposing this is anxiety
If i don’t express it, my soul will just die in me
Even though i murder these microphones i’m still past due
So i’m taking out a title loan
My black thoughts are rooted in harmony
You got a part of me for all of my brutal honesty
It bothers me, to see us drifting
So i had to spit you something uplifting
The night’s getting darker, the day’s getting brighter
Reminiscing on the times when we were much tighter
Love supersedes you, everything i need
Together we achieve, hold my hand if you believe

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