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M People

pochette album Believe it
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Date de parution : 05/10/1997

Durée : 0:05:08

Style : Pop

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Spent sunday morning in the air
Liquid lizards, laissez faire
The holy cow on a gravy train
A little stain, so much pain

Hey, little angels drive on through
The chicken killer smiles at you
All steamed up on a video
It sure looks cool just like hell below

Can you believe it
You gotta read it 'cause its all about you
Can you believe
Im down on my knees, tell me what can i do

I looked at love on channel 3
I just don't know who to believe
Johnny slapped her in the face
Turn the cheek, turn the page

Boom box plays 'who get the joke'
I cant help wondering whats the dope
Goldfish bowl inside my head
Truth and lies hanging by a thread

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