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I’m the only slum to get the job on
We the best i don’t care where you square from
Find me on the block knock you rock so
For that mc drop at the top of
The dice rolling, roll this bright goldest
So we like on it, on me and get only
Mac jordan ..hit the turn and get like …
Sort pikes of morbey
Leave me she making hard for you
But fuck you she easy
She sleigh to see me, that’s what will see it
This whores ain’t been loyal
You spoil a jb hot damn it
Got that money up, non you ain’t running on
Mamy if you want you’ll be gone when the sun is up
Sun is up nigga getting high til my lungs is up

Done up in the clubs are wreak balls like the fuck is up
No black all straight
Whenever i touch new york i call it tash
You don’t mess up, do a nigga and take it back
Clap clap on nigga you bust that
Og try to tell me that the game different
And make sure that you remain the same nigga
I’m in the m old lane like i drop liquor
Shut up the signs i ain’t even need to put ypou
I just wrap with him and
Got makes on same nigga s
Still bangel my day one playing niggas
It’s standing dollar and can show thangs
Of coruse on league it’s kind ..
I’mma be on one, after kissing her
Whole game gripping in the sun and pull your own gun

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