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Soldiers Of A Wrong War

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Date de parution : 18/01/2011

Durée : 0:02:33

Style : Rock

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Maybe there's a ghost
Inside my closet
A whispering voice that tells me who i am
So do you want me to be so different?
But how can you pretend to change me?
I'm breaking the rules
Now you seem so confused

I'm safe to play
'cause no one except you knows that
It's just a game
I think that you should feel
Much better than me
You say that you're afraid
But why should i believe this?

Sometimes i'm better off alone
Sometimes i feel like dead and gone
But it's just who i am
(why do you want me to be so different?)
Blame me like a fool
I'm more than myself
Nothing more than a human
Changing all the rules
Before i forget that you feel so confused

It's funny how people can change
It's funny, see their strangest way
To make themselves believe
That everything's ok

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