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I haven't had this feeling lately
I want to get up and go
It's like i'm thinking crazy thoughts
Sometimes i just don't know
Don't make me start without you
Cause i got nowhere to go

'cause i believe you
When you say you're coming over today
I believe you
When you say you're coming here to stay

Now if you think i'm lying to ya
If you're having your doubts
Go ask all of my friends now if ya
Wonder what i'm about
If ya even think about me
I hope that it's all good


I think i've waited long enough now
I think i'll get up and go
You think i'm just a game you're playing
I'm at an all time low
If you make me start without you
I might just not show


--with me
Can we get along
We only have one day
I feel as if i just can't sleep
I'll come another time...



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