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Kyle Bent

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1 verse : im never really venting unless it enters my music
The only place where the crazy bass
Is always soothing
It was my fate, that i'd be something great
I had to prove it
So the energy it takes to send me hate is just amusing
And i never lost the faith that it would take for me to do this
Belief is all you need to pave the way and keep it moving
I do it for every state who thinks im great for the influence
Weight on my shoulder got my armstrong like lewis
But i could never complain
I was praying
Now the blessings are either coming or came
But the fame isnt nothing wont fall in love with the vain
Its cliche for you suckers to bluff and say that ive changed
Wasnt til the 9th grade
When my name started buzzing
Back when i rocked waves
And the babe loved to touch it
Teachers spread my music, amused that i wasnt cussing
It was new but i refused to be a slave to the public
And they aint never understood what i did it for
Im the catalyst such a smooth individual
Trying write to show theres more to life then just the physical
Lights, social media sites, and music videos
Im tryna expand your intellect
Like i expanded my fanbase through the internet
Tryna expand my consciousness
Raise my vibrations
Conquer dimensions we aint even enter yet
The type of mess my colleagues will probably never get
Yet i aint saying im better than you
All cause i study everything that aint said on the news
We still people, still equal, whether christian
They title dont make you
Attire dont make me
So if i sag my pants it doest mean imma g
Or if my skin too dark, it doesnt mean that i thieve, it just means that you cant percieve me by the things that you see
I tend to avoid putting my deepest thoughts in a song
Cause i dont need people telling me my opinions are wrong
And i dont need you dictators reciting scriptures from psalms
Cause there was never a time i lost my connection with god
All i really need is a friend or 2
Willing to listen to my problems
For a minute when i call em
Others chilling with me only for the revenue
I aint balling just got fame and a dollar to my name
And a whole bunch of lames and bad chicks
Tryna bag this
Seen my mixtape on datpiff
Steady asking can i be in your next music video
I always tell them yes, yet little do they know
A year ago i was recording songs in my closet
So you know that i stay modest when they tell me im the hottest
Wasnt til august
Last summer ,meeting tarik
That i started becoming every conversation topic
And meeting thomas murray impacted my career
So im thankful he was here
Helping me eat, comer
They used to sleep on me
Now they aware im here
Its unfair that im bringing the pressure like a peer
And i gotta thank my parents for actually caring
For actually sparing time to help me run this eerin
And i always had the drive
Though no one was steering
Man, i just feel so alive
Now that people hear it
Funny thing, i aint even blown
But someone tell jay that im coming for the thrown
Til then im taking this ayahuasca to the dome
So you might just catch me leaning like the bell tower in rome
And i'm gone
I said i'm gone

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