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No Justice

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Date de parution : 07/03/2006

Durée : 0:03:45

Style : Country

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Written by: george devore

Bend but dont break give before you take
Always look em right in the eye
These are words to live by

Jim proposed to sue she said i do
They eloped into a summers night
Heading for loredo thats the way wind blew
They got in their first real fight
Standing at the alter shoes and her halter
Jim sweating out his sunday best
Looking all around them but nobody found them
And this is what the preacher said

Bend but dont break give before you take
Always look em right in the eye
Always have a reason dress right for the season
Never cheat and never lie
These are words to live by

Billys washing dishes and all the time he wishes he could find a better way
Yea and no season had rain for a country singer bound for a life of that fortune and fame
He wrote a couple songs and they got a long into the hands of a bad nashville man
Playin on the radio and he aint never seen no doe
Looks back down at them ugly pots and pans

Repeat chorus

You know times in our life are nervous and reckless, sometimes its hard just to get by
Aint it good to know that we can still grow so gimme one word and tell me one time

Always me and mother and never were no other daddy died when i was just three
Always understood that she did the best she could i needed someone right there momma would be
I never thought twice to ask for advice when i got crazy in my head
What ever the cause she would slowly pause and this is what momma said

Repeat chorus

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