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Dirtie Blonde

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Date de parution : 15/05/2006

Durée : 0:02:45

Style : Rock

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You're on a roll, roll, roll
You let him know
You proved you're way too tough
And you put on a real good show
And it was bad, bad, bad
And it's sad, sad, sad
You made a statement
But you lost everything you had

I think you're a nice guy, baby
Cause you sure were good to me
And you know the apple never does fall
Too far from the tree
Oh, don't you know you got the right mind, baby
You just got strong beliefs, woah
And you know i'll never be the one to say
To say, to say what you want to hear
What you want to hear

Take it from me
You gotta bend over, baby
You take one for the team


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