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pochette album Beneath the tides
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Date de parution : 01/04/2013

Durée : 0:03:26

Style : Heavy Metal

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There's blood on my hands,
And its not mine,
I can't escape this time,
There no way out or to outrun this crime,

I refuse,
Your lies,

The truth
Is blind,
Your seeing through dead eyes,

I'm looking for a reason
But all i seem to find,
Is nothing but the memories,
I thought i'd left behind,
I pray to god to save me ,
But god's not on my side,
Does he see that i am drowning ?
We all drown beneath the tides,

Can we turn back time,
Forever wait in line
For me to take whats yours
And you to take whats mine,

This is my serenity,
It is what make us free,

Your seeing through dead eyes,
You'll drown beneath the tides,

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