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Date de parution : 12/04/2010

Durée : 0:01:51

Style : Pop

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So there i am polished heart, throat in full puff
I look the part, my wad is packed to reimburse
I've yet to re-rehearse many moons spent on lovelines lent from

Long-legged, pop-eyed, fat-necked, benny bullfrog

Final run-through polish up
The flower of love's my buttercup
Moon in june for you, i'll croon

Just like pop-eyed fat-necked benny bullfrog

Mean piece of muscle, i'm melvin toad
I dice with death, across the road
Hop aboard my lover's leap

Fat-necked, quatermass, who needs a benny bullfrog

Here she comes
(keep a cool head)
My legs numb
(keep a cool head)
I can't run
(keep a cool head)

Hi, my name's hunky, how d'you do?
I catch a fly in one swoop
I catch a fly just for you, that's if you do want me to

But you're not hungry i know
A sixth sense gave me a clue
I know what else we can do
(you creep)

Long-legged, pop-eyed, fat-necked, benny bullfrog

Wish i was benny bullfrog
Cool as benny bullfrog
What's the secret, bullfrog?

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