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The Loved Ones

pochette album Benson and hedges
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Date de parution : 21/02/2006

Durée : 0:02:1

Style : Alternative

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One more song for the broken hearted
A dream so true that soon departed
And was cast aside to yellow and dry up

All the people you were up above
That you worked so hard to be better than
Would you trade it for a minute of connection?

The kids are grown the teeth are pulled
The receipts counted now theres lines across your face
It all meant nothing
So pull the door down one last time
And wash your hands free you can leave this cross you bear
It all meant nothing
Walk away to burn it all down

But when the scissors got too dull
And you had to make a choice
Whether to fix what you'd done
Or start it all again

And when the light turns green
On your hopes and dreams
Do you take right off or do you wait around?
It might turn red again

And now you're hanging for these ropes
And are you hopeless or well off?
So light up one more cigarette
For everything you left behind
And burn it all down

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