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Date de parution : 17/04/1995

Durée : 0:04:46

Style : Alternative

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I guess sometimes i'm lucky when i go, for whole days at a time without =
Thinking about you, and ask myself why, but then i find i'm traveling, =
Traveling down, that same old piece of road and wind up down by the =
Water. whatever happened to our walls on the pier? i cry myself alone =
All the way down to the end, i drink my bottle dry and heave it across =
The bay, to the city, smashin' outside your door. oh now there goes the =
Romeo, hand in hand with his punk rock juliet, they remind me of two =
People i'm trying to forget, i can hear their sweet nothings on the =
Wind, as i hurry to get by, diverting my gaze, to the oakland bay =
Bridge. (could that be you honey, way over on that side? flashin' a =
Signal to me, down by pier 39, 'cause if i only knew, i'd jump in that =
Water and swim right across, drowning in my relief). maybe i should warn =
Them, should i say, "don't do something that you'll regret. now you have =
No recollection of heartbreak you don't have yet." i could give them an =
Earful, but i don't know, they must find out on their own, and the =
Thought of that is chilling me to the bone.
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